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UK Government's Temporary Fuel Quality Suspension to end 22nd of November 2023.

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Highlight: All wood pellets used in RHI compliant biomass boilers must meet the ENplus A1 Standard from 22nd November 2023.

The UK Government took the decision in November 2022 to temporarily suspend (for 1 year) the need for UK wood pellet heat users to only utilise ENplus A1 wood pellets within their RHI compliant biomass boilers.

The temporary suspension was put in place to support traders to navigate the challenging market conditions brought on by sanctions imposed on Russia following their invasion of Ukraine.

The sanctions imposed on Russia ensured a complete ban of all wood pellet imports, resulting in a removal of 3.5million tonnes of wood pellets from the European supply chain.

The UK Governments temporary fuel quality suspension allowed supplies to be managed effectively (albeit allowed poorer quality fuels into the marketplace).

With supply and markets normalising, the UK Government temporary suspension will be lifted as originally proposed on the 22nd November 2023, meaning:

1. UK traders and customers will be required to use any low grade, non ENplus A1 pellet stock by this date.

2. UK traders and customers will be required to meet the ENplus A1 fuel quality standard from this date onwards.

Flisher Energy’s wood pellets are ENplus A1 accredited and we are happy to support your volume requirements.



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